Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thought control, part II

Walter E. Williams continues to make good points with his column Academic Cesspools II. It is related to this post of mine. Two things become clear from his pair of articles.

The first is that academia is quickly approaching the point of diminishing returns. More and more time is being spend on shepherding students down the "proper" path of though and behavior and less time being spent on teaching students how to evaluate an issue or problem and come to a rational conclusion as well as teaching the skills that will be needed if they are to become productive, functional adults.

The second is highlighted by the photograph and caption attached to the article. In what is becoming typical liberal behavior, the message of others is being silenced because it is not agreed with. In the photo, a someone reported as being a Democrat is trying to cover up a sign that a student is displaying because the message is not agreed with. Let us not debate the message but silence the messenger. This occurs with increasing frequency everywhere but especially on the campuses of higher education, the place that is supposed to be open to all ideas. Right wing and conservative speakers are either denied access out right or are simple shouted down when they are permitted to appear, all in the name of tolerance. When students are not trying to shut down speech that they don't agree with, they are committing fake hate crimes and when they are not, they are encouraged by their professors to attend anti-war rallies, write protest letters to politicians or vandalize displays that they don't agree with. Enough already. It is long past time for educators to return to educating and not preaching.

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