Friday, October 5, 2007

Al Franken, where does he stand?

Well apparently he stands for universal health care, bringing the troops home NOW and 100% federally funded elections.

So Franken wants to further drive up the cost and expense of health care and further inflate the budget and increase the national debt while reducing the quality of our current care.

Franken also wants to plunge the middle east into another regional war that will result in more civilian deaths and more terrorists with his cut and run immediately strategy.

He also wants to 100% subsidize the politicians campaigns. I would hate to see that bill. If there is no cap on spending, they will spend everything. If there is a cap on spending, how do you determine what that cap is and how will you stop people or 527s from spending over that amount? Who qualifies for the free campaign? Anyone or just someone from one of the major parties? Look at how well politicians manage to spend our money today, imagine if they are able to spend it on their own campaigns directly.

Al Franken, just FULL of good ideas?

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