Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is It Good News Or Bad News...

Basically, Republicans can run a stuffed animal against Hillary and still get 48% of the vote.

Well isn't that good news? Though one should not get too cocky about it as even the cutest "stuffed animal" can develop a tear or two and loose a little luster.

What this does mean (at least to me) is that there is a large core of people that have not bought into Hillary and her "vast number" of ideas for making the country and world a "much better place" for us all to live. Between her and her husband, they have a mountain of baggage that is ripe for exploitation by whom ever winds up being the Republican front-runner and I would normally say, "if we could survive 8 years of her husband, we can surely survive 4 years of her" but this time we have a Democrat majority in congress to contend with. I much prefer governmental grid-lock to the damage that a one party government can do, especially when that one party is the Democrats.

As much as the Republicans have shown them selves to be money whores that can out spend and out party the best that frat-boys can dream up, they generally look like nuns compared to the Democrats. At least Republicans mostly remember where the milk comes from and try to protect the cow whereas Democrats want the milk and a nice porterhouse at the same time and only after the fact notice that they have killed the cow. Dems seem to think that the only answer to every problem is more taxes and more/larger government programs. Give me a red pen and a weekend and I am sure I can fine much to trim out of the government while still leaving it whole enough to function and fill its original role.

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