Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pork seems to be all that congress eats...

This is not a partisan problem any more. The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats and they all act like it is "free" money. I do not believe in term limits, I believe that we deserve the government that we get. If you are willing to continue to vote for the same liars and cheaters that you voted for before, than shame on you but this is getting ridicules. It is time to throw them all out and start over. The government could run so much more lean and mean than it is now and return so much more money to the people that earned it but that would get in the way of the designs of these grandstanding buffoons in Washington. The Republicans lost big in the last election, in part for their free spending ways and it looks like the new Democratic majority is no better. I say vote for no incumbents and lets send a completely fresh generation to Washington.

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