Thursday, October 25, 2007

Code "how rude and disruptive can we be" Pink

While watching the video I was just starting to wonder where the tasers were, then there they were! Why is it that you only see lefties protesting in this manner? This "in your face", "my way or the highway" type of activities (though to be honest some of those pro-choice protesters can get pretty fired up too)? This is just more of that "the ends justifies the means" for the "community based reality" folks.

And John at PowerLine makes a VERY good point, where was security when these people were filing into the meeting room? Folks that get ejected from meetings like this for being disruptive should face some sort of penalty. Yes they have a right to be heard but that was not the point of this meeting. They could have protested outside of the meeting or waited for a Q&A portion of the meeting. Instead, because their opinion is more important and the only "right one", no one else matters. It is all about their rights to the exclusion of everyone else's. Why debate when they can just shout you down, get in your face and make a big scene because you know, they care.

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