Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No news here...

It seems that the Chicago Tribune does not deem a pro-gun rally that was attended by 500 or more citizens news worthy. Wonder why? Could it be that in the minds of the editors of the Chicago Tribune, a peaceful, pro-gun rally in Chicago (especially in light of the recent supreme court decision on D.C.'s ban) is not something they can politically support and as such is not news?

Suzanna Hupp did make a comment about the press: (loosely quoted from memory) “that they would search the crowd looking for 1 overweight man wearing camouflage, missing half his teeth and put him on the evening news rambling like a mad man.”

I attended a pro-gun rally in Richmond VA many years ago. It was downtown, which at that time was all corporate and all suits. A friend and I watched a local news crew work their way through the crowd bypassing person after person until they found someone dressed in fatigues. They must have walked past 100 people until they found the "type" they were looking for. Later on the news I saw that they even framed the shot so as to be looking away from the crowd so as to not show that 99% of the attendees were suited men and woman.

As a commenter noted: "When Jessie Jackson buses in 200 people, it gets on the front page for days." but there is no agenda here.

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