Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Why it would be difficult to "swift boat" McCain

For this to be a "Swift Boating," people who stayed at the Hanoi Hilton would have to say that McCain was lying about what he did there -- or perhaps that his repeated claims that events there were "seared, seared" in his memory are false, and he was never actually there at all -- and those people would have to be telling the truth.

And I don't think that is likely to happen...

As the liberal playbook instructs, the left must now try to dig up any dirt that they can against McCain and claim that they are just doing what the "swift boat" guys did to Kerry, all the while ignoring the fact that what the Swift Boat guys did was tell the truth about Kerry's lies whereas what the left is doing is either twisting the truth or making things up. The Swift Boat guys used Kerry's own lies and actions against him and rightfully so whereas the left is just trying to slander McCain. Yet another example of leftest double-speak.

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