Thursday, July 31, 2008


This DNC ad that is trying to claim that McCain has gone negative...

Seems like just a fancy version of this ad...

And yes I know (at least I strongly hope) the second ad is a joke but that is what makes it good satire, it is a joke but at the same time, very close to the truth about the DNC and a lot of Obama supporters.

What is so amusing about the DNC ad is that the ad quotes liberal sources saying that McCain is attacking without showing any actual McCain attacks. That is like me saying that Clinton lied and then quote AnnCoulter saying he lied when in actuality I would just show the clips of Clinton saying that he did not have sex with that woman and then follow it with the clip of him apologizing for having sex with that woman. See the difference? If they had "proof" of what they say, why not just show it instead of quoting the Times saying it?

I find it amusing how whenever someone has the "nerve" to question a democratic politician as to their fitness for office, their lack of experience, their questionable decisions and associations, it is considered an "attack" but it is perfectly alright and reasonable to call any conservative the most vile things. Obama spent years attending a church that preaches "God damn America" but don't you dare question Obama about it. Obama got his political start with the help of an unrepentant domestic terrorist but that is not important. Obama has involvements with a corrupt organization that has been involved in voter fraud (ACORN) but that is not news, at least not to the MSM.

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