Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More "law for thee but not for me" hypocrisy

Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone (died in a small plane crash with some of his campaign workers) did not have the required workers' compensation insurance for his employees.

Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken owes a $25,000 penalty to the New York State Workers' Compensation Board for failing to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees of his namesake corporation (Alan Franken Inc.) from 2002 to 2005.

What is it with these guys? They all claim to be all about the little guy and to get them help and to stand up to "the man" but it seems in a lot of cases to be nothing but talk. They are "crushing" small business with mountains of regulations to help protect the "little guy" but it seems they often don't follow their own rhetoric.

This is in the same vain as those that call for higher taxes. You want to pay higher taxes then fine, just write uncle Sam a big fat check every year. He would be glad to take it. But no, that is not what they really mean. They mean they want us to pay higher taxes, not them. They get to keep their tax lawyers and loop holes while vilifying companies like Exxon Mobil for "record profits" that include record taxes, in fact as much taxes as those paid by the bottom 50% of tax payers.

But lets not let any thing as silly as facts get is the way of some good old reliable mimes.

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