Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, Iowa at least got that right

And it’s equally abysmal on the Democratic side. If he wins the presidency in November, Barack Obama would become the first Democrat ever to win the Iowa caucuses and the White House in the same year (”uncommitted” beat Jimmy Carter in 1976).

That vote certainly showed a lot of common sense! If Carter is not #1 for worst president ever, he has to be in the top two. The list of his failures in office is astounding; double digit inflation, gas shortage and high prices, giving away the Panama canal, letting Skylab fall, and the hostage fiasco. Since leaving office he has made it his hobby to bad-mouth every sitting Republican president and to cosy up to every dictator he can find. He was and is a man of questionable judgment. Being of age to casting my first ever presidential vote for Reagen and against Carter is a memorable pleasure to me.

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