Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Citgo boycott

Well, sorry but I see this as good news:

Calls by some across the country to boycott gasoline sold by Venezuelan-owned Citgo are cutting into sales, prompting some station owners to move to other suppliers. . . . "My gas sales were down 30 percent last year," Vazquez said. "People will come into the store and buy groceries, but they tell me they won't buy gas from Citgo."

I used to only purchase Citgo gas. I have not purchased any since September of 06 and see no reason to change. This is a democracy and one of my 'votes' is with my money. I vote to not support Chavez.

Update 4/05/09:

I noticed a commercial on the TV noting the fact that Citgo gas stations are locally owned and operated. I guess the boycott is having an effect. I feel for the station owners but I continue to not purchase Citgo gas.

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