Friday, March 7, 2008

Shedding light on today's health insurance

Well sure, the Democrats are pandering to the lowest common denominator here and are trying to build a social security system for health care. Just as social security is a required system that I can not op-out of, both of the democratic candidates for president have their own version of "social health care security" and as Charlie Martin points out, my costs will have to be higher to ensure that everyone is covered. So, I will be charged more to cover the extra costs associated with the very old, very sick and/or very pregnant and some of my other tax dollars will be used to pay the premiums of those that can't afford the premiums on their own.

You can also rest assured (cause it is already going on) this insurance will cover all kinds of cosmetic and elective procedures as well as real life saving procedures. I will be able to get a break on the cost of Viagra though, if that is any comfort in the years ahead...

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