Monday, March 31, 2008

The Next Generation of Tires?

These look really cool from both a technology and aesthetics perspective. I wonder how long (if ever) it will take to see these in the tire stores. I can see a shift in the industry by the mass production of these tires. One, the tire service industry would shift entirely to installation and replacement. No more repair. Second, the use or retread industry will cease to exist. It does not look like there is anything to retread once you wear down the tire. That also raises a safety issue, how does the tire react when the tread is gone? How much of a riding base is left? It looks fairly substantial from the photos but I can see some could be concerned.

It also looks like the design takes some of the strain off of the suspension system by acting as shock-absorbers. I would be interested in how much the help smooth out the ride over conventional tires.

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