Friday, February 29, 2008

Bob Casey (D-PA) supports racism and voter fraud with our money!

Is he just an ignorant stooge or does he really believe what he said?

Mr. CASEY: “We want to do a couple of things with this legislation, which we know is the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008. Our Majority Leader, Senator Reid, and our leadership and the members of the Democratic Caucus set it out fairly specifically. A couple of basic things this legislation would have done: first of all, it would have continued what we started in the end of last year, foreclosure prevention counseling dollars, to give money to organizations around the country that are certifiably expert at this, organizations like La Raza. I know the presiding officer knows that group. We know also the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now, known by the acronym ‘ACORN.’ They’re headquartered in Philadelphia. These are organizations which understand what a lender has to deal with but more importantly deal with borrowers when they’re borrowing money, when they’re dealing with the difficulty and complexity of borrowing money. These organizations would have helped even more so than they’re helping now with $200 million more of counseling money. That’s not going to happen right now because of what the other side did; they blocked that money by blocking this legislation.”

So La Raza, a Mexican separatist organization that wants to "reclaim" and remove from the U.S. a large part of California and Texas and return that land to Mexico is "certifiably expert" at foreclosure counseling? Really? Also, ACORN, a group that has been involved in voter fraud is "certifiably expert " in foreclosure counseling? Really? This politico really wants to give these two groups up to $200 million dollars that was to be targeted for home foreclosure counseling? Really?

First, the entire program is a waste of money. Yet again, the government is planning to reward people for poor choices and bad decisions. Sorry but NO. You can't afford to pay your mortgage then refinance, sell or foreclose. No special breaks for you. That is a slap in the face of everyone else that makes sacrifices and adult decisions in order to pay their bills and keep their homes. As for taking that wasted money and funneling it to La Raza and ACORN, this moron should be kicked out of office. What a dope.

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