Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There is no joy in Mudville tonight…

Word on the street is that apparently Obama has enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. If that is the case, Hilary must be biting though nails right about now cause you know, everyone, just EVERYONE knew the election was supposed to be hers!

The Clinton camp apparently has not called it quits just yet and may try (hard to believe) a fast one and tug a disproportionate number of the pledged delegates over to their camp. Not unexpected and if successful I don’t think it would cause the entire Democratic party to implode but I don’t think she would have any much of an effective presidency if she were able to pull it all off and get the office. I would also expect a lot of inter-party backlash by a lot of leftish voters if that is how she wins the nomination.

Well worst case, Hillary and Gore can reminisce about what might have been, over drinks.

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