Friday, April 4, 2008

State of news today

Here is a story from today's Times Online. It is the incomplete story and nothing but the incomplete story. The story centers on a woman that was killed by a train after her foot got caught in the tracks while she was trying to cross. She was crossing illegally when the incident occurred. Two passer-by-ers tried to save her a failed. Her boyfriend is being charged with manslaughter. Why? Did he "scare" her onto the tracks? Did he drag her onto the tracks? Who knows, the story never says. This is the Times for crying out loud and they managed to mess up a 300 or so word story. What ever happened to the basic who, what, when, where and why rules of journalism? Was this story so critical that the reporter did not have time to call the police and inquire as to why the boyfriend was being charged? Again, who knows, the story does not say and as with most news reports now a days, we are just left in the dark.

Oh and the story title is a bit wanked up too, is this even proper English; "Boyfriend of Ugg boot train death woman charged"?

And the MSM has the nerve to talk about sloppy blog reporting...

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