Friday, April 4, 2008

Finding a good plumber

[T]ry to find, you know, a plumber, a carpenter ‑‑ we have so devalued and disrespected the work that a lot of people don't go into it, and these are not only good jobs, these are really important jobs, and the more we look at how we're going to have to retool the economy and move towards clean renewable energy, we're going need a lot of people who are installing solar panels and putting up the wind turbines and doing the work that's going to make us energy independent. Those will be good jobs that can't be outsourced. So we've got to talk about it and then act on it.

Why is it that liberals always seem to need to tell everyone else that the rest of us need to value honest laborers? We already do. When I find an honest plumber or car mechanic, they have a customer for life. Conservatives value an honest days work no matter what the task. We just don't think we have to go around all the time telling everyone else they have to appreciate it to.

Me thinks this is a bit of projection and it goes something like, liberals think they are far better at tackling the big problems of society than everyone else because, well they just care more and "know" more. As such, they are BIG IDEA people. Little ideas like how a car engine works, how to change a tire, or how to fix or install a garbage disposal are just so beneath them and tasks more suited for "commoners". As a result, to not feel like such a snob, they go around reminding everyone else how honorable manual labor can be without having either much experience with it or understanding that everyone else already gets it.

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