Friday, January 4, 2008

I donated to Fred, did you?

I think that of all of the current candidates running for president, Fred is the best man for the job. He seems to have a clear understanding of the issues, realistic plans to address the issues, is not afraid to articulate those plans, does not talk down to people or settle for sound bites and by word and deed stands for most of the things that I stand for. He comes across more as seeing the need to run than wanting to run which sets him apart from your average politician. I personally like the way that he says what is on his mind in a straight way with little hedging which is quite refreshing. I don't agree with Fred on everything. For instance I wish he would support the Fair Tax plan.

I am not a single issue voter though I do have my "show stopper" issues. I think that all of the amendments to the Constitution should be honored and protected, not just the first. I don't believe in the judiciary creating public policy. Their job is to rule on existing law not make law. Out of all of the current candidates, I believe that Fred runs closest to my beliefs and to what I think the role of government should be.

If you have not yet looked at Fred, please do. If you did give him a look and were left wanting, please look again. You just might realize that he is your candidate too. He could really use your donations now, to help keep his campaign running.

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