Thursday, January 17, 2008

I believe that the psychology term for this is "projection"

It always amazes me how those on the left talk a good game on racism and sexism but are the first to pull out the racial or sexiest slurs and diatribes as soon as the rubber meets the road. They called Colin Powell & Clarence Thomas the worst racist names possible because they dared to not tow the expected party line. Let us not forget Condilisa Rice. She got it for being black, a woman and Conservative.

Least they on the left forget, there was a woman presidential candidate on the republican side before any ran on the Democratic side.

I think that part of what has the liberals in such a spitting frenzy of rage is that Bush dared to protect the country from a clear and present threat and not apologize for it. I am less than thrilled with his over all performance (spends way too much money). I am somewhat underwhelmed by the list of Republican candidates this time around but think we have one (Fred) or two that are worth keeping because they can be trusted to protect the country. I get no such warm and fuzzy from any of those on the Democratic side (and rarely do). With the WOT still in the news, the democrats know that they can't win unless they can shift the attention away from threats from abroad and refocus everyone on domestic issues. With their friends in the MSM they have a shot at doing that.

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