Thursday, May 18, 2017

When will the madness end?!?

Have you heard? Do you know what that SOB has done now? No? It was all over the news, you sure you haven't read about it? You know what I am talking about, right? The latest Trump HUGE scandal of course! At a recent dinner at the White House, when dessert was served (ice cream), the President was given two (that right TWO) scoops of ice cream while everyone else had to settle for just one! If that isn't an impeachable offense, why do we even have the to impeach Presidents, amiright?

As an aside, this is like reason 2,538 that no one (well about half the country anyway) is listening to the media, Democrats, liberals, antafa, etc. (but I mostly repeat myself) any more on anything Trump. These screaming crybullies are making Trump's pre-election comment about shooting someone in the street and his fans not caring true because if that ever does happen, a very many people will think it is just more made up media junk.

Lets see,what we have on the scandal board:

  • icecreamgate - two, only two scoops for you.
  • Comeygate - you do understand he serves at the pleasure of the President who can fire him at any time for any reason, right? The left hated him when he started the Hillary email probe. loved him when he said he didn't think she should be prosecuted (overstep much?), and hated him again when he was forced to re-open the investigation. Wanted him fired until he actually was and now he is up for sainthood again.
  • Wikileaksgate - oh, wait, that was DNC staffer Seth Rich who was suspiciously killed (like lots of folks around the Clintons who are inconvenient).
  • RussaElectiongate - oh, wait, that was John Podesta falling for an email scam that 12 year old girls know to avoid.
  • Flynngate - you remember, the guy Trump fired (cause he serves at the pleasure of the President) cause he lied (maybe) to the VP about a Russia conversation he had that was no big deal but he has "suspicious" Russia ties but was granted security clearance by the FBI but squirrel!
  • ObamaWireTapgate - Trump lied about being wiretapped cause you know they didn't actually tap the phone wires cause they don't actually do it that way anymore and for months before Trump sent his tweet, the press was full of "leaked" information from Government taps but as soon as Trump sent his tweet all that went down the memory hole and Trump was deranged for suggesting he was tapped except they have those pesky FISA warrants (first one turned down and second one approved) but SURE, no tapping going on round here...
  • RussiaReportgate - remember the "super secret Russian dossier" on Trump that included PROOF he urinated on a bed that Obama slept in? I got some authentic Air Guard memos for you too if you still believe that one.
  • IvankaTrumpgate - whereas the White House was promoting "PROMOTING" Ivanka's clothing line that until it was mentioned in her White House bio, NO ONE on the entire PLANET knew she had.
  • TrumpClimategate - this was the one where the new administration "removed all traces" of the Obama administrations climate pages from the official White House web site GET THIS like every other policy page and every other administration does to the web site when it takes over and all of the old content was moved to a backup web site that is still publicly accessible, THOSE FENDS!
And those are just the TIP of the iceberg! With the media keeping the TDS meter on eleventy, 24/7 and the antifa(1) brownshirts rioting in the streets over every "fake news" report most sane folks are just tuning it all out.

The sad part of all of this is that there are a LOT of people (like a majority) that are NOT fans of Trump. Many of us voted for him because there was no other option (Hillary, really? That was the best you could do?). This 24/7 all the time temper tantrum that all those listed earlier are throwing is NOT changing any hearts or minds. As someone more famous than I has said "You want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump." Keep this up, you are just making it more likely "Trump for 8" instead of "Trump for 4".

It is also only a matter of time before "normal America" gets tired of "just keeping on keeping on" and start to engage and push back. You can only disrupt our lives (blocking traffic, burning down businesses, beating up old men, pepper spraying ladies) for so long and you will get push back "good and hard" and all of those "deplorables" have better training, weapons, skills, and resources than you do. They are the ones that (by large percentages) hunt, camp, join the military, shoot, etc. You want to resist and you want a revolution? Just be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

(1) Now that is something right out of 1984 if ever there was! These "antifa" folks all dress in black, cover their faces, riot, loot, burn stuff, and beat up anyone that even hints that they are going to exercise their free speech rights by saying anything remotely in support of Trump or even just "wishy washy" on hard left dogma but sure, Trump supporters are the fascists. That word does not mean what you think it means.

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