Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump budget plan, EPA hardest hit

What do you call an EPA budget cut of 31%? A nice start...

Under the March proposal, the EPA was due to absorb a 31 percent funding cut. If enacted, that plan would discontinue funding for programming, research and diplomatic efforts related to climate change, end more than 50 EPA programs and cut 3,200 of the agency's 15,000 jobs.

If they were focused more on their core mandates like superfund, NOT dumping gallons and gallons of toxic water into rivers, and serving as an industry watchdog, they likely would not be in the situation they are.

Sorry but CO2 is NOT a toxin and does not need to be EPA controlled.

Nice start President Trump! Don't STOP!

On a related topic, Trump's confirmations are being stalled by Democrats. Trump should announce that any agency without Trump confirmed heads come budget approval time, get NO funding period. If the confirmations are so unimportant the the Democrats can't be bothered to work the process, those departments must not be important either and should be done away with / unfunded. That might focus some minds and/or save more money...

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