Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weapons grade stupid...

Watch this video clip...

That is some serious weapons grade stupid right there. Democrats passed Obamacare along party lines with ZERO Republican votes and it never had a majority of citizen support. Republicans tried to be involved but Democrats wanted NO changes to it. Democrats used tricks and shenanigans to get it passed and were all in everyone's faces when it did passed. Remember "we have to pass it to see what is in it"? Remember the all of the Suck it, we won. All the high-fives and all the laughing and partying when it was signed? They OWN it 100%, lock, stock, and barrel!

Now that it is crashing down around their heads (like it was always meant to) out come the lap-dogs to tell everyone why it is the Republicans that are to blame for this catastrophe. Those BAD, EVIL Republicans tried to repeal it (like 60 times) instead of trying to fix it. "They should have worked with us to fix it." There was NEVER any fixing this P.O.S. as it was never designed to work. Read back through the post-passage data dumps resulting from the FOIA lawsuits. Obama, Democrats in Congress, the insurance companies, and their (haha) economic talking heads LIED. It was NEVER going to be sustainable. It was always a gateway to Government run, single payer insurance. It was designed to crash and burn. The only thing they are upset about is that it is crashing and burning NOW (before the election) instead of in 6 to 8 months after Hillary is safely in office.

Well too bad toots. You own this. Every Democrat owns this. Obama owns this. Hillary owns this.

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