Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clinton video showing her lecture State Dept. staff on cybersecurity in 2010

You read that right! Miss "you mean wipe like with a rag?" Clinton. Miss "did not attend one single cyber-security training class while at State" Clinton. Miss "send classified information to/from her private, illegal email server" Clinton.

So she clearly knew that cyber-security was important. She clearly knew the address/URL of the State Department was a ".gov" site. She clearly knew where to go to get "proper" security information.

SO she clearly knew she was doing something wrong, out of the ordinary, not proper, not approved, not secure, not something anyone else would or could do.

What did she promise to the Director of the FBI or what did President Obama say to the Director of the FBI to keep him from recommending charges against her? Any one of us would go to jail for a mere fraction of the security failures she has been documented doing.

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