Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Talk

So the elites, the MSM, the Democrats, the liberals, the Republicans, etc,, etc., etc. are all in a tizzy over some crude talk by Trump about women from about a decade ago, while he was still "just a citizen". This is apparently "over the line" and now Trump really, really "must go" in order to save the Republic. Really?

"Everyone" is apparently more upset over some crud comments about women by Trump from a decade ago than they are about actual crud actions against women by Bill and Hillary that have been going on FOR decades.

Hillary jokes about getting a child rapist off. Bill has a decades long history of physically abusing and raping women. Hillary has a decades long history of running interference for Bill by helping to cover it up and/or trash the women accusers.

Bill more recently was in the news for taking multiple junkets to "Lolita island" with some rich palls in order to engage in some under-age action. Again, Hillary runs interference.

Apparently to the gatekeepers, Trumps old words are more bothersome than Bill and Hillary's long term actions as it relates to women. Hypocrites one and all.

Trump is no prize and he is probably the last person I would consider voting for to be President but I will vote for him eagerly if that keeps Hillary and Bill out of the White House, because despite what one would hope for, the reality is we only have option A or B. You have to pick one and don't fool yourself by thinking that if you do ANYTHING but vote for Trump (stay home, vote third-party, etc.) that you are not in reality de facto voting for Hillary. Sad but true. Anything but a vote for Trump is a vote for a lying, conniving, cheating, woman abusing, woman raping, state secret exposing, sex in the Oval Office with interns, favor selling, influence peddling, pair of grifters.

Weigh that against a guy that trash talked about women and tell me which is more demeaning to the office of the President.

P.S. Here are some of the Lady Hillary's quotables...

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