Monday, September 12, 2016

Won't you please just leave her alone?

Why oh why won't the DNC and Pres. Bill Clinton leave Hillary alone? Why must they continue to push her into running this long, exhausting campaign for the presidency? It has been clear to anyone that looks at the situation objectively that this is all become too much for Hillary.

Between trying to answer/address historic issues (emails, email server, Benghazi, the foundation, etc.) and trying to maintain a hectic campaign schedule, Hillary is simply exhausted. She is even too tired to hold regular press conferences.

She is still overcoming recent health issues; the concussion / brain injury she suffered a couple of years ago, that recent coughing incident while she was on stage, her passing out at the 9/11 ceremony and having to be carried into her van, and now we hear she might even have pneumonia.

It is all just too much. Hillary is clearly trying to be a real trooper here and not let the DNC or her family down but at some point, you have giving all you can and those around her should understand that she just doesn't have any more to give.

Can't we as a nation agree to just let her retire in peace?

And lets be honest, don't you think she looks tired?

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