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Why is she not in prison (part 2)?

This post is a continuation of the previous (part 1 post)...

A May 25, 2016 report issued by the State Office of Inspector general (OIG) stated that, during Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, the State Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) required day-to-day operations at State be conducted using an authorized information system. The OIG stated it found "no evidence" that Clinton sought approval to conduct State business via her personal e-mail account or private servers, despite her obligation to do so. (page 10)

So, it was "in writing" that Hillary needed to obtain approval to use her make-shift system which she did not do but [we are told] it was "just like" what Powell did. BS!

Investigation determined Clinton did not have a computer in her state office, which was located in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) on the seventh floor of State headquarters, in an area often referred to as "Mahogany Row". State Diplomatic Security Service (DS) instructed Clinton that because her office was in a SCIF, the use of mobile devices in her office was prohibited. Interviews of three former DS agents revealed Clinton stored her personal BlackBerry in a desk drawer in DS "Post 1", which was located within the SCIF. According to Abedin, Clinton primarily used her personal blackberry or personal iPad for checking e-mails, and she left the SCIF to do so, often visiting State's eighth floor balcony. (page 12)

So Hillary took her personal devices (with an 'S' but she had to use her own BlackBerry cause she could not figure out how to use more than one device) into a secure area, didn't have a computer in her office, and would go out onto the balcony to check her email cause it was on a private server that she accessed using her private BlackBerry.

Clinton stated to the FBI that she requested a secure BlackBerry while at State after hearing President Obama had one, but she could not recall the reasons why State was unable to fulfill this request. (page 12-13)

I can answer that one! It was not fulfilled because State would not hook it up to Hillary's private e-mail server! And sorry but I really doubt she requested one because that would have also meant that she would have had to use the State email system instead of her private e-mail server.

The rest of that section discussed issues she was having because she could not check her e-mail from within SCIF and alternates were discussed but none were ever implemented. This also shows she knew she was operating outside of the lines. If the SCIF won't let her access her e-mail but everyone else can access theirs, she (Hillary) must have realized she was not the norm. If she didn't realize she was not doing e-mail in the normal way after all of that, she is too stupid to be President. If she did know then she is too crooked. Which is it? Dumb or criminal?

Investigation determined Clinton had access to a number of State-authorized secure means of telephonic communications in her residence and in her office at State. At the start of Clinton's tenure, State installed a SCIF and secure communications equipment, {redacted} in her residences in Washington, D.C. (Whitehaven residence) and Chappaqua. (page 13)

Again, State went through all of the trouble to provide her with proper equipment but she preferred to use her own devices and e-mail system [I think] to avoid FOIA exposure.

In addition to sending Clinton messages they wrote, Abedin, Mills, and Sullivan reviewed e-mails they received from other State employees, USG contacts, and foreign government contacts, and if deemed appropriate they then forwarded the information to Clinton. (page 13/14)

Still reading but this might be part of the answer to a question that has been bothering me about this entire thing. The State system is supposed to be "air gapped" such that you can't get there from here. If so, how did Clinton send and receive sensitive e-mails? Who moved them from the secure State network to the internet to send to Clinton? Was it these three? If so, why are they not in jail?

Why is Hillary not in jail?

More coming...

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