Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Government Shutdown, 2013 - Day 15

And the insanity continues!

I hear tell that the great powers that be are in heated negotiations with the hope of bringing this civilization destroying government shutdown to an end (even if only temporarily). I have to ask, why? We have gone on now for 15 days with the government "shutdown" (in reality it is a "slowdown" as many workers have continued to work based on the designation of being critical to the country) and truth be told the impact for everyone but government workers has been so inconsequential that the Obama administration has been forced to make the shutdown more public by using the parks and recs service to strong arm and bully citizens and tourists.

Instead of the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, they should instead press on with the shutdown and continue to submit department by department funding measures with each department being funded at 2005 levels (as a start) for those that have to be continued while saving for last (or not at all - even better) those less critical departments like the Department of Education. There is NO government department that can not survive a 15% budget cut (or more). The real fear in Washington is that the longer this shutdown goes on the more obvious it becomes how little we the people need our current, bloated government. That is what those in Washington are really afraid of and that is what all of this blatant disregard for their parks shutdown theater is showing everyone. People are beginning to wake up to how little the government impacts their daily lives, how little we need them. So GOP, if you want to have any hope of staying relevant and preserving any chance of regaining your political clout, DON'T BE STUPID and DON'T CAVE. Stand firm and keep the breaks on.

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