Thursday, February 25, 2010


At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did not share our vision for a news publication with a progressive perspective. He held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at Atlanta Progressive News. It just wasn’t the right fit.

I have to repeat, WTF? A news reporter that has the audacity to actually adhere to the journalist's code (just the facts) which is a rare thing these days and is discharged from his position because he failed to follow the newspaper's policy of reporting all stories with a progressive bent, basically lie.

The following is also from their response to an inquiry about the firing:

In the meantime, here is some information from our Frequently Asked Questions page:“Progressive news is news that brings us closer to universal health care, living wages, affordable housing, peace, a healthy environment, and voting systems we can trust.

Who cares if there is any (you know) actual truth in any of these liberal fantasies, as a news organization they will do all within their power to force these issues into reality.

Living Wage: What is that? If you accept a job for the offered amount of money, done deal. If a person does not think that it is sufficient to live on, continue looking for work elsewhere. If you are right and no one takes that job, the person offering the position will be forced to increase the wage until someone accepts. That is how things work. This entire "living wage" is simply a liberal wet dream and an effort to force businesses to artificially pay more than a specific job is worth.

Affordable Housing: Again, what is "affordable housing"? The specific house you want and the price you want it? Or any house at a cost that the average family can afford? If it is the first, again, a liberal wet dream. If it is the ladder, that already exists or at least did until community organizers and democrats started screwing with the housing loan market in the late 80s, early 90s, forcing banks to lend money to unqualified buyers, leading to the recently collapsed housing bubble. Sorry to break this to you but owning a home is NOT a right. It is a privilege available to persons that have sufficient income to afford to either out right buy their chosen home or to have enough income and credit history to convince a lending institution to let them borrow the funds to purchase their chosen home. See how clear and easy this is?

Peace: What they really mean is peace at any price, not fair and sustainable peace while preserving the various countries and societies that want to continue to exist into the future without being terrorized or forced out of existence by barbaric hoards.

A Healthy Environment: What is not healthy about the environment right now? Is it perfect? No but it is not nearly as bad off as it was in years past and simply enacting a slew of new regulations that are really nothing more than an elaborate wealth redistribution scheme is not the answer. As to the "debate" about global warming being over, they are right. It is over and the AGW crowd has been shown to be the liars and profiteers that some of us suspected all along.

Voting System: Well this is really liberal speak for "we will recount until we get the results we want".

And the MSM wonders why their readership and subscription levels are falling like rocks off a cliff...

Maybe Fox cable news will hire him.

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