Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olbermann, the gift that keeps on giving!

This is just too funny!

Keith Olbermann makes remarks about the "tea party" events, basically call them a "whites only" club and asks where are any minorities.

The Texas Tea Party group creates a video specifically inviting Keith to their up coming event so that he can see for himself that it is an inclusive movement and has some representatives of the "non-white" persuasion in the video as well. Additionally, they include that the Texas Tea Party appears to be more diverse than the MSNBC prime lineup of anchors as it does not seem to include any persons of color, a clear case of pot calling kettle...

Keith declines to attend siting an illness in the family (a perfectly acceptable reason for not being able to attend) but follows it up with some of his typical snide remarks to the effect that one person of color does not a diverse movement make and why are you not inviting more?

Well Keith, you did not say "show me 50 or 100", you said "where are they". The invitation video show some persons of color and specifically asked that you attend so you could see for yourself how diverse these gatherings are. Fine that you declined but don't then complain that the invitation did not include "enough" minorities.

Also, this "tea party thing" is not a club. ANYONE can show up and participate. No invitation needed! It is advertised and it is promoted (though not by anyone in the MSM) and it is OPEN to all comers and are attended by a very diverse group of people unlike (apparently) the major anchors chairs at MSNBC. If you could ever bring yourself to attend one, you would see that.

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