Friday, September 18, 2009

Total defeat of ACORN?

One can only hope! This is all good news:

Just 48 hours after Republican Leader John Boehner introduced the "Defund ACORN Act," the bill -- which most Republicans thought Democrats would do anything to block -- passed by a resounding 345-75 vote. It would never have made it to a vote had not the Democratic leadership decided to allow it, and the winning total included 172 Democrats. Yes, 172 House Democrats voted to totally cut off funding for an organization that has worked for years on behalf of Democrats nationwide.

Couple that with the 83-7 Senate vote to cut off housing funds to ACORN -- a number that included 50 Democrats -- and the votes signal the complete collapse of Democratic support for ACORN.

As noted though, this could quickly change as the controversy cools. This sort of power and influence draws politicians like moths to the flame. Without vigilant monitoring (like the kind that the MSM used to do but no longer) the Democrats could back slide and fast. In the blink of an eye ACORN could not only have all of its funding back but also be involved in the census. So, be watchful and keep the pressure up!

I wonder if we will ever see the sort of congressional investigation into their operations. It is sorely needed.

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