Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN roundup

* One report from an Acorn office was a fluke. Any large organization, public or private of any creed can be infected by amoral individuals who will try to use the organization to commit illegal or unethical acts. No organization larger than a few dozen people can police the actions of every member, all the time.

* Two reports from two separate Acorn offices was just a disturbing coincidence. The same reasoning as above applies, because in a large organizations, just as in a large installed base of computers, it’s possible for two separate bad eggs carrying out the same acts to show up in the same organization.

* Three identical reports of the same failure from three separate offices indicates the criminality arises from the organization itself. It is highly unlikely that, out of the hundreds of Acorn offices around the nation, the journalist just happened to wander into the three offices whose managers wouldn’t blink an eye at helping to set up a brothel using children.

Exactly, ACORN is corrupt from the top down and has stopped (if it ever was) a non-partisan community organization. The government should stop all funding to it NOW and the feds should be investigating the entire organization for things like this as well as habitual voter fraud. Will these things happen? They were iffy under a Rep president with a Dem congress. With a Dem president and congress the odds get a whole lot worse.

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