Monday, August 20, 2007

Bias, what bias?

It is this kind of thing that has people thinking that there is a leftest bias in the media, even if there is not (though anyone with even a few years of school can see that there is). The news article makes the congressman's party affiliation part of the lead when he is a Republican but when the story is corrected to read that he is really a Democrat, the party affiliation moves from the lead to the second paragraph. Why does it matter? Well first off, if it did not matter, why not just update his party and leave everything else alone? Instead the affiliation is moved to the second paragraph because most people that won't finish the story, stop at the first paragraph. If they didn't, there would either be no reason to move it or it would have been moved farther down (or not mentioned at all). But the news is not bias, that is just the vast right wing conspiracy talking...

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