Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good for me but not for the

Well, isn't this a pickle? It seems that some electronic voting machines may allow votes to be recovered and matched back to names. This is a problem because as noted in the article:

Making a secret ballot less secret, of course, could permit vote selling and allow interest groups or family members to exert undue pressure on Ohio residents to vote a certain way.

So people are justifiably worried about undue pressure being exerted on residents to vote a certain way. That is indeed a valid issue. In fact this concern is valid in more than just the voting for politicians. It is also valid in voting for whether to unionize or not. So why is congress moving to do away with the requirement of secret votes for unionization? One could rightfully surmise that union voting is even more of a high pressure event than general elections. These are your co-workers, not just distant politicians. Oh I forgot, unions support democrats much more than republicans and union membership as well as the number of unions is down, that is why.

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