Thursday, March 8, 2007

The NYT still doen't get it.

There are so many errors in this editorial that one has to wonder if the author is not living in some alternate reality where a completely different set of events occurred. It is almost like an episode of Star Trek.

The "common facts" lie is once more repeated in that "everyone" knows that the Bush administration was "out to get Wilson" because of his NYT Op-Ed where Wilson hits back at the Bush administration for the State of the Union speech and the famous 16 words.

The actual truth has been shown to be that it was Wilson who lied, about just about everything but why let that get in the way of a good story. His wife got him the Niger gig in the first place, the report he filed actually bolstered the case that Iraq was trying to buy yellow-cake uranium and that when his wife's name was dropped to the press to refute Wilson's claim that the White House sent him, she was NOT under cover. So it was not a crime to release her name.

The FACT is that this Libby trial should never have occurred in the first place. It should have been Wilson on trial if anyone. The fact that Libby was convicted of perjury during an investigation into nothing would be funny if it were not so very sad.

The fact that the NYT continues to beat this old drum after all this time and after the actual facts of this case have been exposed is both sad and pathetic, especially so since the NYT is held up as a "great" newspaper. This is just the latest example of how the MSM is a PR machine for the left.

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