Friday, March 2, 2007

Unions try to strong arm employees, with Dems help

Democrats claim that the most important right of any American is their right to vote but they are now attempting to deny that right to employees when considering whether or not to unionize. In order to form a union, union representatives must gather signatures from employees. This is a very public process. Employees may feel pressured into signing such a petition because their supervisor does or their co-works and friends do, even if they do not want to unionize. Hence the current requirement for a secret vote after enough signatures have been gathered, a vote where the employee is free to make his or her own decision without the pressure of co-workers or superiors. Currently when this secret vote takes place, in many cases unionization is not approved. This of course does not site well with Unions. To lend them a hand, the Democrats are attempting to get a bill passed that would remove the need for a secret vote. How nice of them. If this bill passes, the petitions alone would be enough to allow a union to form. A bad bill that could become a bad law.

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