Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Toys for boys (and girls)

Here is something that is way cool that I might have to get, a remote controlled dragon fly! It is very new and I have not seen this before though it appears to be related to a PiccoZ. A PiccoZ is for those that don't know a remote controlled helicopter that is extremely light weight and inexpensive (we are talking $50 to $15). They are not true helicopters as they only have 2 channels. One controls left-right and the other up-down. Forward flight is achieved by moving the center of gravity forward.

I don't have a PiccoZ but I do have one of these, a Blade CP Pro which is a completely different class of remote control helicopter. It is a full function, 6 channel, mini-electric helicopter. It as a full collective which allows even inverted flight. There are a number of RC helis in this class including the Micron, Walkera and Mini-Zoom as well as others. Some like the Micron line (which are mostly fixed pitch) are smaller than the dragon fly shown above. All of these are a bit more difficult to control as they are "real helicopters" and must be controlled like actual helicopters and due to their small size are very susceptible to wind and turbulence.

I also have a few zip-zaps and they are a lot of fun around the house. It is exciting to see the miniaturization that is going on in the area of RC. I have even see (though I can’t remember where) a plane version of a PiccoZ. The video I saw showed a father and his daughter flying a pair in their living room. I will have to get my hands on one of those too.

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