Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Comments on "The most fun you can have without being Tasered"

Read the whole thing if you wish but here was the money line:

It was an image that all of the local TV news stations carried that night and I'm sure some people did get the message she was trying to send. This woman is someone's mother. It could be your mother. She is in cuffs because she opposes this war.

Only problem is, his premise is false. She did not get arrested because she opposes the war, she got arrested because her protest of the war, at that point, stopped being about opposition to the war and became about stopping other citizens from going on with their lives while she protested the war. As with most protesters, at some point it goes from wanting to show their opinion to wanting to get attention by way of forcibly imposing their protest on others. Too many people have forgotten that though this country gives you the right to free speech, it does not give you the right to force me to listen to it or to disrupt my life while you do it.

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