Monday, January 15, 2007

Free the Press

I saw just about the most ignorant bumper sticker of all time today. It simply said “Free the Press”. I don’t know what decade the owner of this sticker lives in but the press has never been freer than it is now. As a case in point, you have the New York Times report on not one but at least two top secret government programs designed to track and catch terrorists and the NYT gave them front page coverage.

No one at the Times has yet to be arrested as a result of these stories. These were secret programs designed to protect Americans by working to capture and track terrorists and the NYT with the help of government leakers broke both of these programs wide open with just token concern for all of the good that these programs were accomplishing. Both programs were proven to have been run with all proper oversight and controls in place. The government was vindicated, after the fact. After the secrecy and effectiveness of these programs was destroyed by the Times.

How much more freedom does the above noted bumper sticker owner think the press needs? The freedom to splash pornography on the front page, above the fold?

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