Friday, June 9, 2017

Darn that Trump!

So we have had the Comey testimony yesterday. I did not see it live but am watching a tape of it so as to allow me to see it unfiltered by the media. I could not help but hear some reviews and it looks like everyone got something that they wanted out of it, such that all the anti-Trump(s) get to say "see, look what he did!" and the Trimpits get to say "see, Comey said he didn't know such-n-such and did not do such-n-such".

The general consensus is that nothing was said to enable the anti-Trump(s) to justify impeachment BUT Trump is not guilt free. Very likely nothing prosecutable.(update 1) I know, low standard but the last 8+ years have made that the new normal.

I still want to finish watching the full tape (and may update this based on that) but my current take-aways are:

  1. Trump is not without sin in all of this. He is NOT very Presidential in part because he is not a politician. He is also used to getting his own way a LOT due to being the king of his own very large company. He is used to people that work for him doing what he wants, when he wants it and is used to demanding and getting personal loyalty. The Government is not a company and most folks in the Government are supposed to have loyalty to the country and the Constitution not individual people. Trump needs to "get" that.
  2. Comey is looking VERY political. He is (was) supposed to be in a non-political position as head of the FBI but it doesn't look like that has been the case for some if not most of his 4 years in the Obama administration. For someone that EVERYONE praised for his integrity, he showed a lot of iffy integrity throughout the last 8 - 12 months.
    1. Where was all of his integrity during the Hillary email and DNC email debacles?
    2. Where was all of his integrity when Linch pressured him to mis-state the type of investigation he was conducting in regard to the Hillary email issue? Sure, he stood his ground but why did he not call her out for that pressuring?
    3. He felt he had to leak some of his personal memos to the press through a friend after he was fired? He did not have the integrity to come forward himself and do it?
  3. Trump can be / is a bully. His is crass. He is thin skinned. He has little to no filter. These were many of the reasons that a lot of folks voted for him but he is not running for President any more. He IS President. I wish he would act a bit more Presidential.
All that said, and again I still have more tape to watch BUT all that said, still not Hillary. I can ignore/overlook/forgive a lot because still not Hillary.

Just imagine for a minute what would be going on if we were in not-Trump land. If Hillary had reached her goal and was President. The disaster of a Iran policy would be going full steam ahead. Israel would be getting more of the Obama-era abuse. We would not even be having a immigration debate as there would no longer be any immigration restrictions, with Muslim refugees streaming in with NO vetting. The IRS would be back on track going after conservative groups. The DOJ would be ignoring voter fraud and going after right wing speech. The Clinton foundation would be raking in even more and larger foreign government payoffs with no end in sight. We would have lost the SCOTUS for at least a generation if not longer.

So reality is, Trump is NOT Reagan. He is not even Bush Sr. but he is sure as hell NOT Hillary and thank the good Lord for that!

Update 1: Just read another article on this and "The president can, as a matter of constitutional law, direct the attorney general, and his subordinate, the director of the FBI, tell them what to do, whom to prosecute and whom not to prosecute. Indeed, the president has the constitutional authority to stop the investigation of any person by simply pardoning that person." so Trump did not, not only do nothing illegal but nothing "out of the ordinary" either other than doing it while Republican.

Update 2: "The Russians interfered in the election." We have been hearing that for months, that the Russians stole the election from Queen Hillary except that no one will actually say HOW. Comey stated under oath that he had ZERO proof that the Russians changed a single vote. So, how did the Russians "steal" the election? Why by (maybe it wasn't them) releasing a bunch of DNC emails showing how the DNC colluded with the Hillary campaign to STEAL the nomination from Sanders and how the DNC colluded with the media to TRY and steal it from America by giving Hillary debate questions, etc.

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