Thursday, June 1, 2017

CA Energy Officials, the stupid it burns...

 Solar-Powered California Warned to Unplug for August Eclipse.

State energy officials are warning residents to click off all lights they don’t need and unplug all electrical appliances when 62 percent of the sun disappears over Los Angeles during a partial solar eclipse that is expected that day.

Nobody is warning of blackouts. But then again, nobody knows what will happen.

“When the sun goes away, so does the energy that powers our renewable solar panels. If millions of Californians turn off appliances and power strips to unplug from the grid during the eclipse, we can let our hard-working sun take a break,” said Michael Picker, president of the California Public Utilities Commission.

There is just so much stupid on display here. Some of it industry wide and some of it local.

First, I am so tired of folks using the phrase "renewable solar panels". The panels are NOT renewable. they had to be manufactured just like all other "man made things" and that took material and energy. They are not like trees that if left alone will grow and reproduce. Solar panels don't make themselves nor do they make more on their own.

Second "let our hard-working sun take a break"? Really? So the "California Public Utilities Commission president" does not understand that a partial or even total eclipse doesn't put out the Sun nor does it make the Sun go away, it just blocks our Earthly view of it for a time (and location) due to the moon passing between the Earth and Sun? If he actually knows all this [but let us not assume anything] and he is using this phraseology due to his understanding of the Lao Angeles population and their intelligence, that might be even worse.

Lastly, so they don't have ANY idea of if there is enough stand-by energy to run the city while the eclipse is taking place? Really? Isn't knowing the energy reserves and the availability of surrounding area backup power [I don't know, like] his friggen job as president of the Utilities Commission? Or is that too "mathy" for California?

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