Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two in the heart and one in the head...

the rule of law is officially pronounced dead...

The Supreme Court fatally wounded the "rule of law" in 2012 by claiming a mandate was really a tax, even after the Government swore that it was not.

In a Surprise Ruling, Chief Justice Sides With Liberals to Uphold Insurance Mandate

While on life support, President Three-putt (Obama) continued to abuse the body of the law, while it was in intensive care by routinely exceeding his official powers (cause he has a phone and a pen). He was a teacher of Constitutional law after all, so clearly he knows what the President can and can not do (not that he cared at all - immigration non-enforcement, fast n furious, IRS attacking Tea Party groups, green energy pay-offs, interfering in local criminal matters, etc.) while Congress stood by and watched the abuse.

This week, the "Rule of Law" has now succumb due to a fatal head-shot delivered by the FBI in their finding that though "Crooked" Hillary did "a lot of bad things", it would not recommend indicting her.

After describing clear evidence of extensive mishandling of classified national security information, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI will not recommend indicting former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Comey acknowledged Clinton sent and received Top Secret emails that “any reasonable person” understands not to discuss on an unclassified system.

Comey also acknowledged her email system was housed on unclassified personal servers that lacked full time security systems. Indeed, nations and groups hostile to the U.S. could have hacked the system. Comey acknowledged “hostile actors” hacked individuals corresponding with Clinton on her unauthorized system. She also used her unsecured personal system outside of the U.S.—in places where sophisticated adversaries could hack her communications.

So, the Government has spent the last 8 years showing all of us that the rule of law means nothing, if you are in power. That those of the "favored" class are exempt from those antiquated words written on a 200 year old piece of paper. OK. Fine. You want to roll that way? Understood.

I wonder what the Government will do when those it governs no longer pay any attention to it or to its rules and laws? When the Government shows time and again that words don't mean what they mean, that "at this point, what difference does it make?". Ye shall reap as ye shall sow.


Remember, he said all that she did wrong and that there was to be no case BUT someone ELSE doing the same thing should not expect the same treatment...

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