Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The climate change consensus

Watch this video...

Also what the video does not discuss is that NO ONE denies that the climate is changing. That is what weather does, it changes from day to day. Where the various controversies reside are:

  1. How much actual influence has man had on the global weather compared to what nature can do on its own (compare say the most recent Mt. St. Helen eruption of air-born particulates and CO2 discharges with that estimated to be caused by man).
  2. Who is to say what the world's "ideal" weather is? Is it what the weather was like 5000 years ago or tomorrow? Who gets to decide which is best and best for whom?
  3. If environmentalists were serious about reducing fossil fuel use (to save the planet) they would be promoting more nuclear power, but they are not. If we reduce our usage of fossil fuels, that lost energy must be made up somehow. Wind, solar, etc. will not close that energy gap. Nuclear power is the only way (today) to replace the energy lost by reducing/eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Any environmentalist that is not for nuclear power is not serious.
  4. If "man made climate change" is really as dire as Al Gore, DiCaprio, and and all of these other "celebrity" environmentalists say it is, why are they NOT doing their part to help? Why are they constantly jet-setting all around the globe instead of appearing by Skype? If they were serious about wanting to save the planet and if things were really so dire, they would never fly by plane again. Al Gore would sell his house that consumes over $30K a year in energy and live more like George Bush.
They don't do that though, in part because they are "better" (i.e. morally superior because they CARE) than you and I. Due to their fight for the planet, they have earned the right (in their minds at least) to have a carbon foot print that is larger than some small towns. As with most socialists and/or fascists, they always think that they will wind up in charge and as George Orwell famously wrote, "Some animals are more equal than other animals".

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