Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sitting US Senator would like men to "just shut the hell up" on some topics

So, at least one U.S. Senator thinks the 1st Amendment should not apply to men, conditionally, depending on what we wish to talk about. Surprise, surprise, the single biggest issue she would like all of us men to "shut the hell up about" is "women's health" which is [of course] liberal code for "abortion rights".

What she means is that women have the right to:

  1. decide whether to have sex or not (which of course, men can too)
  2. decide who to have sex with (which of course, men can too)
  3. decide if they are going to use birth control or not (which men can too)
  4. decide at any time during sex, to no longer want to have sex calling things to an immediate halt
  5. decide after having sex that if there is any regret it really was not "voluntary" sex and as such, she was hence assaulted even if this epiphany comes days, weeks, months, or even years later
  6. if the sex does result in a pregnancy, decide if she will keep the child, give the child up for adoption or that it is not at all a child but instead just a "clump of cells" and decide to have an abortion
  7. she can decide whether or not to inform the father of the pregnancy and/or birth and/or abortion
  8. regardless of any/all prior actions, she can inform the state of the father of the child (if she keeps it) and he can be held responsible for child support even if it is years after the birth of the child, to include back child support with options to have his wages garnished
    1. this even applies if he is underage and/or was raped resulted in the pregnancy
    2. this even applies if she "steals" his sperm out of the trash and uses it to become pregnant
    3. this even applies if she and he have a contract for him to be a sperm donor with no rights to the child
    4. this even applies if he is not the biological father of the child
None of this even begins to address the "child" which in this circumstance is only considered a child/baby if the mother chooses to view things that way, otherwise it is simply a "clump of cells" that can be disposed of any time the mother wishes (and according to Nancy Pelosi that includes until the "child" gets home).

According to McCaskill, men have no stake in this, no say, and no rights. Just Shut The Hell Up.

Just imagine the uproar and public crucifixion if a man of any note released a video telling women to just "shut the hell up" about curtain topics. Every nightly news program and every morning show would be part of the pile on. It would likely cost him his job and savage his reputation. He would be a public outcast. Think I am exaggerating? Remember what happened to that scientist that was involved in landing that probe on the comet? He was destroyed because of a shirt. A SHIRT.

But all of this is OK because "her body, her rules" and so all us men should just "shut the hell up". Again, this is not coming from just any old activist / feminist. This is coming from a sitting U.S. Senator.

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