Monday, November 16, 2015

First Lady speaks in Qatar and complains about America

"If we want to get Women into our classrooms."

Uh, last I checked, not only is it required that boys and GIRLS go to school but women out number men in Collage / Higher ED.

She is discussing the U.S. "history" of voting, education, and job opportunities for women while the area of the world she is speaking from still stones women for the crime of BEING raped, doesn't let most of them drive, won't let most of them out of the house without a male escort, and insists that many of them cover themselves from head to toe. She is talking about the U.S. past while ignoring the ME present-day.

Could she be any more trite? Any more shallow?

Women are still undergoing genital mutilation while she speaks about her past "hard life" of being told to "talk softly". Oh the HUMANITY! Well, at least she is finally "publicly" proud of her country (at least that is what she said some 7 years ago). It is SO oppressive being the First Lady....

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