Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Awful places to work...

I found this story via Instapundit and all I can say is it constantly astounds me how the NYT can stay in business if this is the quality of their "journalism".

I have since seen some "snippets" on the TV news as well. All of these stories seem to be going on and on about how AWFUL it is to work at Amazon.

What NONE of these stories seems to be discussing is that in America, you are actually free to leave a job if you don't like it. Yes! You can leave! Really! You are NOT physically chained to your desk! If the conditions at the place you currently work are so horrible and awful and degrading, you can actually quit!

The people that CHOOSE to work at Amazon do so for a combination of reasons, such as:

  1. The pay may be REALLY, REALLY good compared to what they could get somewhere else.
  2. The prestige associated with being able to say that yes, you work for Amazon.
  3. The job may be closer to their home than other options.
  4. The benefits may be better than what they could get elsewhere.
  5. The experience they are gaining may be more valuable in the future and better for their career.
  6. Lots more stuff that no one knows except for each individual person working there.
The point is, these people have CHOSEN to work there, They are not KEPT there. You know, free will and all that.

The other thing conspicuously missing from any of this coverage is (and let us say for arguments sake that they are "trapped" in these awful jobs) why? Why are they "stuck" there if it is so bad? Could it be that the economy [for the last 6 years] has been in the crapper? That more people have just dropped out of the work force due to an inability to locate a job than people have found jobs? That is the super big, super secret mystery! Why oh why are people taking jobs and keeping jobs they don't like? Maybe it could possibly be because the Obama economy has done just about anything and everything it can to crush job creation and drive up the cost of each job to the point that far fewer are being made available than could be?

Nah, that can't possibly be it cause if it was, the crack "journalists" in the MSM would be all over it just like they could not get enough of how awful the economy was, awful gas prices were, awful savings interest was, how stagnant wages were, when a Republican was in the White House (even when it wasn't so)...

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