Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anti-smoking brigade

The anti-smoking brigade is likely the worst of the "don't do that" groups. An activity that [for now] is still legal in America, is an activity that they not only oppose but actively attack as though it was on par with murder (and to some of them second-hand smoke is murder). They are [mostly] vehemently opposed to smoking and to any/all that partake. They are not happy simply letting everyone know that smoking is bad. Smokers must be turned into social pariah. These people are not really looking to help smokers quit quite as much as they are looking to make themselves feel superior to those that do smoke.

How do I know this? I know this because if the anti-smoking crowd was really trying to reduce the rates of smoking AND help smokers, they would endorse a tool that is widely available, inexpensive, and far, far safer than smoking cigarettes. They do not do this though. Instead the lump this "aid" into the same bucket as cigarettes.

What is this vilified solution you ask, it is e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are by far a more healthy option than actually smoking tobacco cigarettes but instead of handing out free "quit smoking" kits that include e-cigarettes, the anti-smoking groups are actually lobbying to have e-cigarettes classified in the same category as tobacco cigarettes, to include bans on indoor vaping, etc.

If they fully endorsed e-cigarettes instead of trying to treat them just like tobacco cigarettes and allowed their use indoors, this in and of its self would be a big motivator for a lot of smokers to at least partially switch over to e-cigarettes as having to go outside [regardless of the weather] is a big inconvenience for tobacco smokers. Being able to "vape up" in-side would motivate quite a number of smokers to give vaping a try.

One of their arguments for treating them the same is that e-cigarettes can serve as a "gateway" to tobacco cigarettes. If any of them had actually tried an e-cigarette and then tried to smoke a "real" tobacco cigarette, they would immediately understand how foolish that argument is. I find it extremely hard to believe that most people that currently do not smoke tobacco cigarettes but do vape, would move from vaping to tobacco. There is a night and day difference. The smell is the thing. It gets everywhere and affects everything. A cigarette smoker can move to vaping (and I know a number of people that have) and after a week or so, they all comment on how much nicer their cloths smell, how much more and better they can actually smell, and how much easier they sleep, etc. The succession of inhaling burning leaves and changing to inhaling a most vapor is astounding to see. Once a smoker has moved from tobacco to an e-cigarette they are then free to modify the amount of nicotine that they ingest. I know of smokers that after switching to e-cigarettes have migrated to zero nicotine fluid. For them it is the process, the habit, the social aspects of smoking. The fact that they were able to exchange a stinking stick of burning leaves for the clean, odor free e-cig experience of vaping is (for them) a god sent miracle.

What does the anti-smoking crowd do with this "solution" to the tobacco problem? Why they move to get it treated JUST LIKE TOBACCO! Why? Because it LOOKS too much like smoking tobacco!

Dear Lord, please do all in your power to save us all from those that want to help us "for our own good" as they will be the death of us, in your name we pray!

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