Tuesday, March 10, 2015

James Carville tries his best to help Hillary! recover from her email issues

You know team Hillary! is worried when they drag out Carville to cover for her. If you listen, he builds a nice pile of strawmen and then only mostly manages to knock them down.

He falsely categorizes the email scandal as saying Powell and Bush did it too when in fact Hillary conducted 100% of her Secretary of State business email on private servers and then turned over who knows how many of them [two years after leaving that job] that her team vetted to make sure they are clear of anything that might shed bad light on her.

He touched on her foundation taking MILLIONS of dollars from foreign governments by saying many organizations did after Katrina again confusing private charities with the Clinton foundation taking money from governments that Hillary was negotiating with when she was SOS.

Carville asks "if we really want to say she is a crook". For all rational peoples, the answer is a clear and loud YES. YES Hillary Clinton is a crook! She has used her husband and their influence to get money and power for her and her family for their entire lives and YES they have done things that are unethical and criminal! The rules do not apply to them. They are above the law.

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