Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton asks State Department to release her emails...

Hillary Clinton has asked the State Department to release her emails to try and end this "email scandal". My headline is one that a number of news organizations are running. It is actually a partial truth. To be completely true, the headline should read: Hillary Clinton asks State Department to Release all of the Emails She Gave Them. That is the issue. As this was a private server (apparently hosted in her residents), there is NO way for anyone to know what was on it AND that is the way that Hillary likes it. You can't FOIA what you don't know about or what State does not have.

Remember, this is not a government official occasionally sending work emails through their private account [though that is bad enough]. This is someone that sent 100% of all of their State Department work mail through their own, private email server. Every Single Person she sent official email to could see she was not using a government email account but no one officially raised any red flags?

She is now claiming she did not know she could not do this. She knew about it enough in at least 2007 when she leveled similar charges (using un-official email accounts) against the Bush administration.

WOW! Just WOW and this person wants to be President? WOW!

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