Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are they serious?

This is from the US Surgeon General's web site. Are they serious? Do they actually think, based on their actions, inactions, reactions and miss-steps of this past week, that ANYONE anywhere would take anything they say on the subject of how contagious Ebola is as true and accurate information?

  • You can't catch it on the bus.
  • You can catch it on the bus.
  • Its OK to travel by air with a fever (less than 101) after treating Ebola patent.
  • No she should not have traveled by air.
  • BUT restricting flight from countries with Ebola is "off the table".
Lord, they have NO CLUE what they are saying and what they are doing. We have an Infectious Diseases CZAR but no one has seen or heard from her (other than to know that she managed to funnel a LOT of money to her husband's company). The CDC did not have the money to prepare for this (their MAIN job) but did have plenty of money to study why lesbians get fat and plenty of money for studies on the disease of guns. It is clowns from the top to the bottom!

Update: Dems are now trying to say that there would be money for Ebola but the Repubs cut funding. FALSE! First off, Congress allocated CDC more money than Obama asked for AND the "cash strapped" CDC did manage to find some funds for the following "critical to their basic mission" items:
  • it dumped $106 million into a swanky visitors' center in Atlanta, even though it already had one
  • it bought $10 million worth of furniture for its lavish new headquarters
  • spent $1.7 million to advise Hollywood on medical plots
  • a $702,558 grant for the study of the impact of televisions and gas generators on villages in Vietnam
  • $175,587 to the University of Kentucky to study the impact of cocaine on the sex drive of Japanese quail
  • $55,382 to study hookah smoking in Jordan
  • $592,527 to study why chimpanzees throw objects
  • a $509,840 grant from NIH to pay for a study that will send text messages in “gay lingo” to meth-heads
Yep, not ENOUGH money! We MUST increase their budget! What a JOKE!

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