Friday, April 4, 2014

Has the EPA been doing illegal human experiments for years?

Either the EPA is sponsoring horrific human experiments, or they are lying to the Congress about the toxicity of air pollution.

If the testimony in Congress by Ms. Jackson and the opinion of Jon Samet are sincerely held they are committing a criminal unethical and immoral act by exposing unknowing individuals to lethal. harmful or carcinogenic air pollutants in violation of American and International Law.

Either the EPA is lying about the toxicity of small particle air pollution which is a fraud on the citizens and misconduct in a position of trust.


The EPA is funding and sponsoring and Medical Schools are complicit in unethical and immoral/illegal human experiments.

What’ll it be?

Yes, which is it? Is the EPA complicit in illegal human experimentation or have they lied for years about the dangers of small particle are pollution?


  1. I would be nice if the person who posted this would have stated why they made these comments. It is tuff to form a thought without more information about this subject.
    Joe Henderson

    1. The linked article includes additional links to the published studies. Just read the article linked above and follow the links they have included.